Premium / Locked Content Website Package

$50.00/month and a $1,000.00 one-time setup fee

Introducing our Premium / Locked Content Website Package, designed for creators and businesses aiming to offer exclusive content to their audience. It’s the perfect solution for monetising digital content and building a loyal subscriber base. Ideal for educators, artists, influencers, or any content creators, this package provides the tools to transform content into a valuable asset. It’s about creating an exclusive space where your most dedicated followers can access unique content tailored to their interests.

Transactions made on your premium / locked content website are subject to a 5% + 0.50c fee.

Customise your solution

Add Domain Acquisition for $30.00*
Tick this box if you would like us to acquire your domain name.
* this is a yearly charge
Domain Acquisition Add-on
Add Online Visibility for $100.00
Elevate your website's search presence with SEO best practices, ensuring you're seen by the right audience.
RankRocket Add-on
Add Contact Form for $100.00
Streamline communication with a user-friendly form, making it easy for your visitors to reach out and engage.
Contact Form Add-on
Add Professional Email for $10.00/month
Tick this box if you would like a professional email.
e.g. [email protected]
Professional Email Add-on
Add WebGuard Protection for $50.00/month
WebGuard Protection is an all-in-one solution to keep your website safe and secure.
WebGuard Protection Add-on
Add AU Legal Compliance for $50.00/month
Safeguard your online business and customer data with full adherence to Australian legal requirements, ensuring trust and safety for every user.
Legal Compliance Add-on
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